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Bannon, O’Keefe, and Alex Jones discuss OMG’s explosive undercover footage of Fox News Insider

On War Room, Bannon, Jones and O’Keefe discuss OMG’s undercover footage showing a Fox News producer discuss Carlson’s dismissal, advertising pressures and more.. Subscribe Now for More Exclusive Content Your support allows this movement to bring factual, unbiased stories to light in a world where mainstream media outlets repress content and leaders at every level […]

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Fox News Producer Tells All to OMG Journalist about Advertising Pressures and Pfizer

A Brave OMG journalist captured undercover footage of his meeting with Fox News Producer Sean Langille who spoke about the impact advertisers have on the network saying “now that he’s (Carlson) is gone, they’re starting to come back.” Langille also revealed the dark truth about why the media is the way it is today saying […]