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Fox News Producer Tells All to OMG Journalist about Advertising Pressures and Pfizer

A Brave OMG journalist captured undercover footage of his meeting with Fox News Producer Sean Langille who spoke about the impact advertisers have on the network saying “now that he’s (Carlson) is gone, they’re starting to come back.”

Langille also revealed the dark truth about why the media is the way it is today saying “when it’s corporate media, you’re beholden to advertisers.” Langille noted that it was significant that the network takes money from pharmaceutical giant Pfizer referring to the company as “big pharma.”

Langille also said Tucker Carlson’s ouster from the network saying “we’re learning it was part of [the settlement].”

Aside from his position at Fox News, Langille’s inside knowledge might be coming from his “friend” who happens to be powerful Biden operative Mike LaRosa. Langille apparently finds it interesting that “no one is talking about” LaRosa’s career transitions. Fox News has it was “categorically false” that the Dominion settlement at all impacted the decision to terminate Carlson.

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