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James O’Keefe Speaks to Students at TPUSA about Recording on Campus

After giving a speech at the Turning Point Student Action Summit, James O’Keefe commiserated with several college students about the corruption and woke activity that was occurring on their individual campuses.

One student expressed concern about losing the scholarship that was granted to them if they were found out to be recording such behaviors on campus. James asks what is the concern – “my scholarship . . . a full ride” was the reply from the college student.

This is the threat that many are faced with throughout life whether it be a full scholarship, a bulky 401K, a comfortable salary, and some even their own safety. But these materialistic things are the very reason we MUST expose the truth for what it is. If we continue to allow these illicit activities and even worse, life-changing developments take place in our country, than we will not have any of those leisures to enjoy. The very thing we’re holding onto, we will allow to be stripped from us if we stand by and do nothing about it at all!

James gives words of truth to these impressionable leaders of our future. But it’s going to take more than them to fulfill the mission of truth. We need leaders from every generation and every walk of life to be willing to do what it takes to expose wrongdoing.