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We are thrilled to introduce the O’Keefe Academy for Citizen Journalism – a bold new endeavor aimed at empowering individuals to contribute to the democratic process through credible, accountable journalism.

Our belief in the transformative power of the free press and the crucial role of citizen journalists in maintaining the health of democracy has led us to create this innovative program. Your voice matters. Your insight is vital. And here at the O’Keefe Academy, we’re devoted to providing you with the tools, education, and accreditation necessary to amplify your voice and impact your world.

In our democratic society, those in power are held accountable by those who question and probe. Citizen journalists are the vanguard in this mission. James O’Keefe, our CEO, visualizes this academy as the catalyst for nurturing an army of citizen journalists, individuals unafraid to shine a light on truth and push the envelope of transparency.

The journey begins with our inaugural class ‘Journalism 501’ which offers a comprehensive six credit hours of interactive online learning. After successfully completing this immersive experience, you will be conferred the title of an OMG Accredited Citizen Journalist – a title that carries weight, respect, and responsibility.

Our graduates are not just sent out into the world, they are recognized and rewarded. Upon graduation, you will receive a frame-worthy diploma, a press pass to aid in your investigative endeavors, a hard copy of James O’Keefe’s insightful book, “American Muckraker: Rethinking Journalism for the 21st Century,” and exclusive access to our private OMG Community for Accredited Citizen Journalists.

Our inaugural class kicks off on September 1st, 2023. And as part of our commitment to encouraging budding citizen journalists, we’re delighted to offer a whopping 75% discount on the regular price of $500 for those who sign up before our first class begins. Just use the Discount Code: 75-OMG at checkout.

Join us at the O’Keefe Academy, and become a part of the vital journalistic force that’s making a difference. We’re not just teaching journalism, we’re inspiring change.

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