BREAKING: New Jersey School District Socially Transitioning Students Behind Parents’ Backs

BREAKING: A school district in New Jersey has been socially transitioning students behind parent’s backs, according to email and video obtained exclusively by OMG. Kingsway Regional School District in Kingsway, New Jersey, has adopted a “tiered” policy for classifying students who want to transition without their parent’s knowledge. “I had one of my students reach out to me about their preferred name for next year. Do we know how we can input their name into Genesis without it being visible by families?” states an email from School counselor Fallon Corcoran to counselor Michael Schiff, referencing Genesis, a student database. A source within the school recorded Fallon stating, “I am not calling home… everything we talk about stays between us.” According to emails obtained to OMG, Kingsway Regional has developed a tiered ranking system to classify students. Students in the second tier are allowed to use the gender and name of their choice, and that information is kept from parents. In one email we obtained, a teacher or school counselor writes that they “heard from [redacted] student over the summer with questions about sharing her preferred name and pronouns with teachers but does not want her family to be aware.” We reached out to Kingsway Regional Superintendent James Lavender, who said the policy was handed down to the district by the New Jersey department of education.