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Best Buy Whistleblower Reveals Audio of Company’s Religious Discrimination and Preference for LGBTQ Community

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The OKeefe Media Group is sounding the alarm for yet ANOTHER whistleblower this time from the giant tech company Best Buy.

On the heels of our reporting that a Best Buy employee brought us disclosed documents of a management training offered exclusively to non-white employees showing blatant racial discrimination, we now have a second whistleblower revealing the religious bias that the retail giant has, despite their additional level of preference for the LGBTQ community.

Geek Squad member Enis Sujak who is an immigrant from Serbia spoke with James O’Keefe on a zoom call as he told the story of the interaction with his manager Michael Hirsch.

The conversation centered around the incident that occurred when another employee Athena Cruz, a well-being ambassador was giving a history on the LGBTQ Community in the workspace. Enis Sujak decided to walk out of the session, having later stated that he doesn’t care about “who you sleep with” and that he didn’t think that a lifestyle that needed to “preached” to them in a work environment.

Enis then recorded the conversation with his manager, Michael, following this incident, during which the following quotes could be heard:

“Let’s have the cross all over the hub….why don’t we have Christian stuff all over?” says Enis, to which Michael replies with “they’re not the same [as pride flags]”. He continues “you are choosing to believe in Christianity….they [LGBTQ community] don’t choose it.”

O’Keefe Media Group has reached out to both Athena Cruz and Mike Hirsch and the Best Buy CEO Corie Barry and at the time of publishing we have not yet received a comment.