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ActBlue Story Update: How A Progressive Swiss Billionaire Could Be Key

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Foreign billionaires are not allowed to contribute and affect our elections. That hasn’t stopped Swiss benefactor Hansjörg Wyss from admitting to “six figures of illegal donations in the 1990s,” according to Mark Hemingway of RealClearInvestigations.

Hemingway has just penned an investigative piece on Wyss that refers to OMG’s investigation showing an Act Blue donation hitch that has the markings of a sophisticated money laundering operation because Wyss himself may be key.

He brazenly admitted to illegal donations after the statutes of limitations had passed on the illegal act, almost as if he was intent on proving how willing he is to make good on what his own sister has described as his intention to “[re]interpret the American Constitution in the light of progressive politics.”

We have just published an interview with Hemingway about Wyss and the massive holes in the so-called guard rails of democracy such as the Federal Election Commission.

Hemingway explains that the loopholes in campaign finance that allow wealthy benefactors to launder their contributions have been exploited far more robustly by Democrats than Republicans, but there remains a consensus in Washington against any solutions.

That is until enough Americans become aware, shocked, and involved.

Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Matt Gaetz have each attempted to rally lawmakers behind measures that would have required stricter rules on data collection from merchant processors—Hemingway says an audit of those processors would reveal more answers.

Watch his interview with James O’Keefe and draw your own conclusions. One thing remains certain: this major story, our first ever at O’Keefe Media Group, isn’t going away any time soon and won’t until the whole truth is uncovered. Stay tuned!